The Trumpet-New Book Preview

The Trumpet

I’m happy to announce the launch date of my new book “THE TRUMPET“. The release is set for October 8th, 2012.

The year is in 1927, and Terry Jones strives to be the best jazz musician in Chicago. While in a drunken state, his wish is granted when he stumbles upon an enchanted trumpet. A trumpet with the power to alter reality itself.

“Against his better judgment, Terry grabbed the top of the case and opened it. Inside of the red leather was a silver trumpet, glistening in the moonlight. Black markings were etched into the sides of the glowing instrument, one side depicting intricate portraits of angels and the other embroidered with demons.
Terry looked at the marvel in awe. He reached his hand into the case and pulled the trumpet from it. Light as a feather. It fit his hands perfectly, and without hesitation, he blew into the mouthpiece. The resulting music was nearly angelic in nature. The sound was somehow smoother and at once dozens of times more powerful than his father’s trumpet. “Where did you get this?” He said, unable to take his eyes off the small treasure he had just found.

Terry now holds the power of persuasion. He is granted all that he has ever desired. However, he soon discovers that his new found power comes with dire, dark consequences.

You have been chosen as a guest,” the man chuckled sheepishly, “it is not a matter of location, Terrence. You see, this theater is a place unlike any other. It is not of your world, nor is it of mine. It exists between the realms, between reality and fiction, possible and impossible. You have just joined the ranks of our many talented guests, an honor bestowed only to those deemed worthy of holding an item of the theater. That trumpet is very valuable.”

The Trumpet

The Trumpet


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