The Trumpet-Free Promotion

Get your FREE copy of my new book “The Trumpet” on October 8.

The Trumpet

A Magical Journey Into The Under-World Of Gangsters, Corruption And Evil.

A 1920’s Jazz Trumpet Player dreams of being the best trumpet player in Chicago. While in a drunken state, his wish is granted when he stumbles upon an enchanted trumpet. A trumpet with the power to alter reality itself.

The Best Jazz Trumpet Player In Chicago?

Terry now has the “power of persuasion“. He is granted all that he has ever desired. However, he soon discovers that his new found power comes with dire, dark consequences.

What Are The Dark Consequences The Trumpet Player Faces?

It is not of your world, nor is it of mine. It exists between the realms, between reality and fiction, possible and impossible. You have just joined the ranks of our many talented guests, an honor bestowed only to those deemed worthy of holding an item of the theater. That trumpet is very valuable.”

The Trumpet

The Trumpet

The Trumpet

The Trumpet


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